Genesis: A story of beginning

Ok, true confession time. Our first day of the campaign was last Tuesday. None of us felt real confident that there would be much response. We worked hard, and the majority of people we spoke with said they’d come to services. We figured if even half of the ones who said they’d come, actually did come, we’d have a pretty good week. It was quite a disappointment when no one was there at the tent at 6 PM Tuesday evening. By the final amen that evening, there were only 20 present.

blog_baptismSee any problem? There’s a lot of “we” in there. We all understand, of course, on an intellectual level that the work is God’s, but when it comes time for the reckoning (translated: “preacher’s count”) and the number’s lower than what we thought God would provide, we still tend to be disappointed.

God did not disappoint.

We had a wonderful service of worship this morning, the first worship service for the Ondangwa/Onethindi congregation of the Lord’s body. We had 43 in attendance this morning, and the blog_sunday_worship_1contribution (admittedly buoyed by American contributions) was N$862, which is roughly US$86. We ended the week with 11 baptisms, and 3 of the last 4 were people who never had a sit-down individual study with us; they received the word by attending evening worship this week.

We are excited by other things we saw this morning as well – the first business meeting of the congregation, members taking serving roles, and plans to build a small meeting house this week on the land where the Chariot was set up.

Make no mistake – God was at work this week in Ondangwa, and he will continue to work. blog_sunday_worship_3It’s been a privilege to join him in his work this week. As we leave for home tomorrow, we have the same feelings we always have when leaving a mission campaign – glad to be headed home to our families, but sorry to have to leave so soon.

Thanks to all of you who had a part in this work, and will continue to have a part in the days and years to come. Please continue to pray for this fledgling congregation and for the spiritual development of its members.


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  1. doc says:

    Thanks, Bob. We deeply appreciate your keeping us up-to-date with the news. doc