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Cameroon Mission Report



What does Heaven look like? I will confess that I don’t have a clue and I am confident that the same could be said of you. When I think of Heaven, my thoughts do not revolve around the “look” of Heaven but those who are there. When I am with my family, for example, I am happy regardless of the setting. You and I will be graced with the presence of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. If that was the totality of Heaven it would be far more than enough.

In addition, however, we will be in the presence of the angels of God. I have no idea what that will be like but I have a feeling it will be pretty neat. We will also get to see famous characters that we have read of in the Bible. I want to ask Moses and Paul if they really were poor speakers because that is hard for me to imagine. I had an instructor in preaching school who said that his first question of God would be: Who wrote Hebrews! My feeling (and that is all it is) says that many of the things that we wonder about now and questions we think are important will have flown from our minds.

I can’t wait to see Jesse & Virginia Phillips, Kenny & Helen Burrows, Mildred Bilbrey and James & Jill Breninger. Those names may mean nothing to you but they are brethren who have faithfully contributed to the work in Cameroon over the years. Rest assured, there are many more and it is only because of faithful saints such as these (AND YOU) that this ministry continues to thrive. Heaven will be highly populated because of the efforts that each of you are putting forth to strengthen this ministry.

Finally, Heaven will be a place where we get to meet brethren that we never knew on planet earth because they lived a country or even an ocean away. Each of us come into daily contact with a certain number of people and out of that number we will only be able to reach a handful. Through giving to missions we are able to increase our reach. When I was at Sunset our teachers had hearts for local and foreign work but they knew that by teaching a bunch of “boys” like me they could greatly increase their harvest of souls.

My sponsoring congregation just had our annual mission contribution and because of the gifts that I and others gave each Sunday I have the blessing of preaching in Russia, Jerusalem, Mexico, Tanzania and New Zealand as well as Cameroon. I know that you have similar blessings in your congregations.

I simply want to say a big THANK YOU to each of you who have a part in this ministry. The Lord continues to bless us and souls are being won and matured. Your prayers, dollars and personal involvement are a GREAT investment and you will see the fruit of your giving in Heaven one day.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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