Fredericksburg TX Church of Christ

Womens Ministries

As women in our congregation we strive to please the Lord both in love and in service by meeting needs in our body, reaching out in our community and beyond.  Some activities we are engaged in include:

1) Providing food for funerals, illnesses and new babies.
2) Sending cards to members and to children at Cherokee Children’s Home celebrating birthdays.
3) Giving Tri Star Nursing Home residents a monthly birthday party and gifts.
4) Organizing the collection of and the delivery of food items to the Food Pantry.
5) Providing trays of cookies to honor our Fire Fighters, EMS personnel, and Hospital staff.
6) Facilitating the updating of our church bathrooms.
7) Sending 50 boxes of toys, candies and personal items to children in Nicaragua for Christmas.
8) Visiting shut-ins and nursing home residents.
9) Holding a Ladies Retreat to build our bond as Christian women.

  • Recent Ladies Day luncheon for Member ladies in the congregation

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  • Recent luncheon to honor Christy LeFan:

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10) Making information packets for new members.
11) Providing grief books for those who lost loved ones.
12) Making small Teddy Bears for sick and injured children.
13) Sending Christmas gift cards to the staff at Cherokee Children’s Home.
14) Donating baptismal garments for the Gospel Chariots in Africa.
15) Providing compassion boxes for those losing family members.
16) Keeping foyer bulletin boards current.
17) Sending sunshine baskets to our church family members who are hospitalized.
18) Holding weekly Bible studies to enhance our Bible knowledge, spirituality and to encourage each other in our daily walk.